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A Basket Full of Puppies

Spaniel Puppies in a wicker basket on a black background Spaniel Puppies In a Basket – Woody, Buzz, Jenson, Peppa and Bug

I had a great afternoon yesterday, photographing five beautiful Spaniel puppies, and their proud mum and dad – Bronnie and Doug.

As soon as I set eyes on them, I was totally bowled over. They are so gorgeous, beautiful little faces with eyes full of inquiry and tiny little noses constantly sniffing and exploring their environment.

Black Cocker Spaniel on a black background Dougie.

I had a cunning plan and took along a wicker basket to put all the pups in, knowing that trying to control five inquisitive puppies at once was going to be a practically impossible task. At least if I placed them all in a basket it would help to coral them in one place and make my life a little easier. Well it did help a little, but these little souls were nothing if not un co-operative.

Two Spaniels Black and Chocolate Coats, photographed on a black background The proud parents Dougie and Bronnie

They are six weeks old, tiny but full of beans, and a real handful to photograph. So much so that in the three hours I spent with them, I only managed to get a few usable shots. They would either turn their backs to the camera, climb out of the basket or just lie down and go to sleep.

So it was on to plan number two – Before I left home, I raided my kitchen cupboards looking for tasty morsels, I could tempt the pups with and hopefully, keep their attention for a few seconds while I tripped the shutter on my camera.

Spaniel Puppy on a Black Background I think this is ‘Woody’, but I’m not 100% sure.

I don’t know what you feel about Peanut Butter, personally I hate the stuff, but luckily for me, three of the pups really liked it, but I also had to spend a few minutes in Photoshop editing out all the peanut butter that found its way on to the puppies ears and heads.

I smeared the rail of the basket with the gooey stuff and tempted the pups to pop their heads over the top of the basket to have a taste. Well it sort of worked, the only problem was that one of the pups decided to start eating the basket instead of the peanut butter.

Five Cocker Spaniel puppies on a black background - one of them is mis behaving. Woody’s up to no good again.

It wasn’t long before holes started appearing in the weave of the wicker, and I had to turn the basket the other way around to hide the holes from the camera.

They say never work with children or animals, and to be quite honest, after yesterday I can see why. I got home totally exhausted, they were such hard work, but a real joy to photograph as well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the sort of person that if I go into a pet shop, I always want to come home with all the animals. The pups were not exception and I would have quite happily taken them all home with me. I think my wife would have had something to say about that though.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Oh! I almost forgot, the pups are called – Peppa, Bug, Woody, Jenson and Buzz, their Mum and Dad are named Bronnie and Dougie.

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