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January 2015
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The message seems to be getting through

I had a wedding referral passed on to me today from my good friend Lee Ralph at Digicase Photography.

The email I received from the bride to be, brought a smile to my face.

Bride and Groom - Manor Park Country House
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The Gem – Elf Gathering in Bridgend

Two cute elves in Bridgend Elf Gathering in Bridgend 2014 – New World Record

I’ve had a few calls today from folks wanting to buy prints from this weeks edition of The Bridgend edition of The Gem, and particularly The Elf Gathering which took place last Saturday, December 13th.
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PC Build Log #1- PSU Unboxing


This is the first in a series of ‘Build log video’s’ I’ll be making.
They’re intended as more of a reference for my friend’s son Morgan, who I’m building the computer for, and shouldn’t be considered as a comprehensive guide to building a PC.  Saying that, if you’re thinking about building your own machine then you may find the videos useful.

Picture of a PSU for a Computer The Cool Master G550M Power Supply Unit, Modular Hybrid C6/C7 Intel i5 Quad Core LGA 1150 Socket – Haswell Refresh compatible.

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Remembrance Sunday 2014

I was asked to photograph the Remembrance Sunday Parade again this year by the editor of The Gem newspaper.

Swansea Pipe Band

I always say yes, as it’s one of my favourite events of the year.
Not only do I get to play a small role in recording the parade for posterity, but I normally meet up with some of my old friends that I served with in the RAF.
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Whiter than White

I was surfing the net this evening and I somehow ended up on one Tony Northrup’s YouTube video’s

Apparently Tony only uses a flash meter when he’s using film. Each to their own, but to achieve consistent and predictable results, then I firmly believe that actually measuring the light in a scene is the only way to go.

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Building a mid-range gaming P.C

PSU Unboxing – Build Log Video #1

Over the coming few weeks I’ll be building a mid priced gaming P.C for my friend’s son.
At the same time, I’ll be teaching him a little about computer hardware, with the intention that he’ll be able to maintain and or upgrade the computer himself in the future.

Photograph of a P.C Motherboard

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Porthcawl Zombie Walk 2014

On Saturday November 1st, I braved the elements along 50 charity raising zombies to help raise money for Ty Hafan Children’s Hospital.
This was the second of an annual event organised by Chris Warlow of Porthcawl, and the poor weather didn’t seem to dampen the undead’s spirits this year,with the attendance nearly doubling on last year.

Zombie Charity Walkers, Nottage Village, Porthcawl The Zombies quench their thirst for lager, before their creepy walk around Porthcawl

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Prostate Cymru – Presidents Ball
Link To Prostate Cymru On-line Gallery

The UK is at last emerging from one of its deepest recessions in memorable times.

Warren Gatland and his wife Trudi pictured together at The Tower Hotel, Swansea Warren Gatland OBE and his wife Trudi, honoured guests at Prostate Cymru, Presidents Ball

Some of the hardest hit institutions in this latest financial crisis have been charities, who are finding that competing with other fund-raising organisations along with dwindling donations from  the public has pushed many to the brink of collapse.

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An Adventure in HTML

I thought it was about time I brushed up on my coding skills, as I was considering building myself a new website this winter.

I dusted off some old ‘HTML/CSS for Dummies books, but quickly realised that they were about as much use as a ‘Zip In A Tie’ – they were so out of date – Luckily for me there are literally thousands of coding video’s on YouTube, but as with everything else on the internet…
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2014 Taylor Wessing Portrait Finalists

Link to BBC Website – The 2014 Taylor Wessing Portrait Finalists.

Here’s my critique of the images of this years Taylor Wessing finalists.

They get worse every year.
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