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October 2014
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An Adventure in HTML

I thought it was about time I brushed up on my coding skills, as I was considering building myself a new website this winter.

I dusted off some old ‘HTML/CSS for Dummies books, but quickly realised that they were about as much use as a ‘Zip In A Tie’ – they were so out of date – Luckily for me there are literally thousands of coding video’s on YouTube, but as with everything else on the internet…
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2014 Taylor Wessing Portrait Finalists

Link to BBC Website – The 2014 Taylor Wessing Portrait Finalists.

Here’s my critique of the images of this years Taylor Wessing finalists.

They get worse every year.
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Making Chocolate In The West Indies

It was great to watch this travel video this morning all about Hotel Chocolat Boucan.
It was posted on Facebook by Judy Buckley who manages the resort with her husband Phil.
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Canon Speedlite Wireless Test

I realised this weekend that it’s been a long time since I’ve used the Canon Speedlite wireless system. I normally only use my Speedlites in manual and fire them with Pocket Wizards Plus II’s.

As I’m teaching a course next weekend and this system is part of the syllabus, I thought I’d better refresh my memory on some of the functions of the system.
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Light Painting Roses

This is a really beautiful technique if you want to create some great vignettes and interesting lighting patterns.
I’ve used it in the past, and have had some mixed results, but I think flowers really look great when you simply use a torch to light them.
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Pugfest 2014

A selection of photographs I shot this afternoon at Pugfest 2014 at Court Coleman Hotel in aid of The Dogs Trust.
These photographs will be published in this weeks edition of The Gem, and prints can be bought from this site by visiting the link to the gallery below.
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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Google Ranking

Site upgrade to full SSL Certification

RapidSSL SEAL 90x50 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Google Ranking
Google are about to make some sweeping changes to the way that websites are ranked, and to stay ahead of the curve, I’ve started implementing a fully certified SSL or Secure Socket Layer website.
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50 Inspiring Photography Quotes

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Burk Uzzle

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New Wedding Collections


I’m very happy to announce my brand new wedding collections.

I’ve been listening carefully to my customers and many have told me that they were disappointed with the range of products other companies were offering.
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