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Hotel Chocolate Boucan – St Lucia

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Oxwich Bay Hotel – The Gower

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Celtic Camera’s – Bridgend

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Fruity Bouquets – Edible Fruit Arrangements

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SWPP Mini Convention – Village Hotel Cardiff

I had a great day yesterday at the SWPP’s (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers), Mini Convention held at ‘The Village Hotel’ in Cardiff. 
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Is The UK Government Trying To Kill Off Photographers | Photo This & That

Is The UK Government Trying To Kill Off Photographers | Photo This & That.

Another shameful act by our government. This time they’ve undermined photographers and their ability to make money from their own images.

The majority of web browsers strip the original data and information (Commonly known as IPTC and EXIF) from photographs posted on-line.

The passing of this new law, which gained Royal Accent last week, allows anyone to steal a photographers work and use it for commercial gain. 
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Fonmon Castle Revisited

Today I met up with Sunita and Dean again for a photo shoot at Fonmon Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan.

I originally photographed their lovely wedding back in September of 2012, on a beautiful Autumn day, with unusually warm weather and clear blue skies.
Due to the running order of the day being slightly delayed, we didn’t really have enough time to photograph all the portraits that we wanted as the light faded quickly, and we also wanted to capture some more of the interior of Fonmon without interrupting the guests on the wedding day. 
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This months entry into The SWPP’s Digital Art Competition

I’ve been using compositing and some of the more obscure tools in Photoshop over the past couple of months, basically getting used to using some of the techniques I don’t normally use in my day to day photography.

I’ve found a couple of really useful websites that have helped me on my journey, and it’s been a while coming, but today I felt confident enough to enter one of my images into open competition and entered the ‘Digital Art’ category of the SWPP’s monthly image competition. 
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Kirsty and Ben’s Big Day Looms Ever Closer

My daughter Kirsty and her lovely man Ben’s wedding day looms ever closer and my nerves are starting to jangle with all the excitement and anticipation.

Kirsty’s wedding planning is just about finished and the little notebook she’s been carrying around with her for the last few months has eventually been put away.

She should sell that notebook to other couples who are planning on getting married, I reckon it would be invaluable to them. It’s crammed full of ideas for decorations, gifts, table plans and all the thoughtful little things that turn a wonderful day into a celebration that won’t be forgotten by anyone attending. 
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Dove – Photoshop Action – Undoing The Wrong

The beauty product company ‘Dove’, have been long advocates that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and that the way in which social media and the fashion industry insists on portraying women is a simply wrong and causes harm, anxiety and insecurity in vulnerable and impressionable teenagers and young women.

Their latest campaign to encourage society as a whole to accept a more natural and fuller figure model, targets the people who actually create and manipulate these images at source.

Nearly everyone who uses Photoshop will have used ‘Actions’ in their day-to-day workflow, and these macro programs can help to automate the manipulation of any photographs that are being edited by the retouchers. 
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