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Kirsty and Ben’s Big Day Looms Ever Closer

My daughter Kirsty and her lovely man Ben’s wedding day looms ever closer and my nerves are starting to jangle with all the excitement and anticipation.

Kirsty’s wedding planning is just about finished and the little notebook she’s been carrying around with her for the last few months has eventually been put away.

She should sell that notebook to other couples who are planning on getting married, I reckon it would be invaluable to them. It’s crammed full of ideas for decorations, gifts, table plans and all the thoughtful little things that turn a wonderful day into a celebration that won’t be forgotten by anyone attending. 
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Dove – Photoshop Action – Undoing The Wrong

The beauty product company ‘Dove’, have been long advocates that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and that the way in which social media and the fashion industry insists on portraying women is a simply wrong and causes harm, anxiety and insecurity in vulnerable and impressionable teenagers and young women.

Their latest campaign to encourage society as a whole to accept a more natural and fuller figure model, targets the people who actually create and manipulate these images at source.

Nearly everyone who uses Photoshop will have used ‘Actions’ in their day-to-day workflow, and these macro programs can help to automate the manipulation of any photographs that are being edited by the retouchers. 
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Free Abstract Glowing Light Shapes From Deviant Art.

I know a lot artists use Photoshop to design and draw rather than more conventional methods, and many artists will be aware of a brilliant free resource called ‘Deviant Art‘.

It’s on online free share community, and I’ve downloaded a lot of free images over the past couple of years including font’s, photographs, patterns and textures.

I was working on a composite last week which had a ‘Sci-Fi’ theme but I just couldn’t find an image with the right shapes and colours I wanted.

Creating your own patterns and light effects isn’t that difficult if you know how, but it can be time-consuming, but on this occasion I really had little choice. 
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Composites and Cramp

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram over the past few days, then you would have already seen the composite images in this post.
I just wanted to write a quick blog, and display all the images I recently created on one page for easier viewing, so please excuse my indulgence.

I wrote a blog over Christmas letting everyone know about some of the on-line resources I use for instruction and inspiration, and I mentioned one website in particular, that I find myself returning to time and time again. 
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Happy 2013 to you all

images Happy 2013 to you all

2012 has been a really successful year for me, but I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything without the continued support of my family and mostly from my wonderful and understanding wife Debbie.

Running a photography business is a pretty anti-social thing to do, with weekends spent away photographing events and weddings, and long nights spent in front of a computer editing images. 
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Jemima’s Place – Pet Photography at Pet’s At Home Bridgend.

Hi all,
If you had you pet photographed at Pet’s At Home in Bridgend this weekend with Santa, then I just wanted to thank you all for supporting Jemima’s Place in Tythegston Nr Porthcawl.

Jemima’s Place is a local animal shelter who care for sick, abandoned and unwanted animals.
The four pounds you donated, will be very well spent and help pay for food, bedding, and vets bills to give the animals in Jemima’s Place, the best possible start to 2013. 
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Photographer of the year competition 2012.

I wasn’t sure if I should write this post or not as self publicity sort of goes against the grain, but unfortunately if I don’t blow my own trumpet then no ones going to do it for me, and in a very competitive market place, it would be remiss of me not to.

So here goes – You may have read my previous post, about the Gold Award I won in the SWPP’s monthly image competition. 
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Sleep is for pussies!

They say (who ever they are), that the older you get the less sleep you need.
This seems to be the case with me, and for the last few years I’ve been suffering, or looking at it another way, blessed to be one of those people who can get by with very little sleep, and seem to be able to function quite normally with one or two hours sleep for a few days at a time. 
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Gold award in November’s SWPP Architectural Competition

I really enjoy entering photography competitions, especially if they include an international contingent.

The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers run a massive competition every month, and it attracts thousands of entrants from all over the world.

This month was no exception with entrants in the architectural photography section coming from, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Malta, Lithuania, England, Russia and even as far as Australia. 
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Annoying Facebook Ads

Just a quick post to pass on some information on how to remove all those pesky Facebook advertisements on your homepage.

This will work if you’re using Safari as your internet browser and I’m sure other browsers have a similar option.

All you have to do is select ‘Safari Preferences from your menu bar.
Then click on ‘Extensions’, in the bottom right corner select ‘Get Extensions’. Scroll down the list until you find ‘Facebook Cleaner 3.3′.

Heres the link to the ‘Extensions page’.

Installation is a simple click.

You’ve just stopped Mr Zuckerburg from spamming you to death.

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