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March 2015
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Using Colour Gamut Warnings – Adobe Photoshop

I’m a huge fan of Creative Live, and I’ve been supporting and following their photography and software instructors since the very first broadcast.

It’s a free on-line resource who’s remit is to make learning an interactive and life long experience. Whats more, is it’s totally free to the whole world and open to anyone with internet access.

This week I’ve been watching Dave Cross’s excellent three-day lecture on Photoshop Essentials, and been brushing up on some of the more basic ideas and functions of Photoshop.
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Congratulations Kate and William

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your baby boy.

I’d just like to let you know that I think the name ‘George’ is a wonderful name for a little boy, although you’ve really upset my daughter Kirsty, who has already named her youngest son George.
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Are iMacs really worth all that money?

I’ve owned a couple of Apple products since 2010 and use a 27 inch iMac and a beautiful Mac Book Pro with a 13 inch monitor.
In general I’m really pleased with their performance, the Mac Book Pro especially is fantastic, incredibly fast for such small notebook and beautifully engineered.
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Bridgend Indoor Market

My friend, fellow photographer, and local butcher Tim Wood asked me if I’d take some photographs for a new poster campaign to help spread awareness of Bridgend’s Indoor Market situated in The Rhiw Arcade.

If you’ve visited Bridgend town recently you’ll be all too aware of how badly the ongoing recession has hit this once bustling old market town.
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Plurality | Sci Fi Short Film | Vimeo

PLURALITY from Dennis Liu on Vimeo.

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USB Folio By Loxley Colour

I’ve just delivered a beautiful USB Folio as part of my digital package to Rhian and Liam whose wedding I photographed at The Oxwich Bay Hotel. In the past I’ve used Loxley DVD cases.
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The Wizard Of Oz – Bryntirion Comprehensive School – July 5

I must admit, I really enjoy photographing stage shows and this evening was no exception.
Bryntirion Comprehensive School put on a brilliant performance of The Wizard Of Oz, and I was blown away by their fantastic musical.
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Pre Digital/Internet Photojournalism circa 1926

We all take the internet for granted these day’s, but in 1926 to get a photograph cabled and printed in a newspaper on the other side of The Atlantic, then things were a little more complex.
This sketching shows the enormous complexity of the problem during the pre-digital/internet era. 
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One Bad Apple

One Bad Apple Don't Spoil The Whole Barrel One Bad Apple Don’t Spoil The Whole Barrel

I was having some fun in Photoshop and decided to alter an image I shot last year.

I ended up with this, by using a combination of the ‘Liquify Tool’ and ‘Burning and Dodging’ the shadows and highlights.

What do you think?

Armed Forces Day Parade – Bridgend 29 June 2013

Yesterday afternoon Saturday the 29th of June, I was assigned to photograph the Armed Forces Day Parade, in Bridgend for the third year running.

Armed Forces Day Parade - Bridgend 2013 - Randell John Photography

All the images featured in this post will be printed in this weeks edition of The Gem newspaper, on Thursday July the 4th and are available for purchase, from the ‘Client Area’ on my website. (Please see the navigation bar on the left), or follow the link here –!i=2606496025&k=7hLbGgM
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