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Designing Bonds Look – Monday Movie Club

Designing Bond’s Look from Barbican Centre on Vimeo.

Monday Movie Magic with Randell – My pick of the best from Vimeo
This year The Barbican are celebrating 50 years of ‘The Bond’ movie, by hosting an exhibition of the tailoring that created the style of this iconic movie hero.

In this Vimeo, you’ll find interviews with creative consultant Lindy Hemming and the tailors who helped create ‘The Bond Look’, from Connery, Dalton and Brosnan, right up to Daniel Craig.

I was surprised to hear that Ian Flemming didn’t actually want Sean Connery to play Bond.

He thought that as an ex body builder, Connery just didn’t look sophisticated enough to play the suave Naval Commander.

Without the vision and skill of tailor Anthony Sinclair, Connery wouldn’t have won the role, but with careful tailoring, his suits were created to soften his physique and reduce the appearance of his athletic taper.

I wish Sinclair was my tailor as I have the same problem with my physique. – If only that was true.

Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor and my favourite of all the Bond stars, he’s thrown away the quirkiness of Moore, the chic softness of Brosnan , and created a character that, although not as charming as Connery, has an underlying warmth that masks a purposeful menace, more reminiscent of a younger Lazenby, a man not to be trifled with.

His tailoring was actually designed to complement his character, Ritchie Charlton, Craig’s tailor for the latest Bond movies, describes how his tailoring is cut to reinforce the chiselled look of Daniel, and there is no surprise that he has numerous requests from customers to make them look like the Bond character, but he admits it can be a bit of a challenge with some of his more portly clients.

I’d really love to visit The Barbicans’ 50 Years Of Bond Style’ exhibition it’s running now and finishes on the 5th of September 2012, but if like me you don’t have time to travel down to London, why not pay the website a visit.

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