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Emilys 18th Birthday

Emilys 18th Birthday Party
I had a fantastic time at The Old Church Hall in Corntown, when I was asked to photograph Emilys 18th Birthday Party.

There were also a few faces I recognised at Emily’s 18th Birthday party. Emily is a very talented singer, and is carving out a very successful future for herself. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to see some people I’d photographed from The Fame Factory Theatre School.

I was also surprised to bump into Anita Davies and her fiance David. It turns out that Anita is Emily’s aunt. I’m photographing Anita and Dave’s wedding later this year. It really is a small world.

Her family worked extremely hard to get all the preparations for the evenings celebrations ready, and it was literally minutes before the first guest arrived that the last balloon had been hung that they walked through the door.Emily’s brother Ryan, had prepared the music for the party, and was out to enjoy himself. Recording the music on his Macbook allowed him to put a great playlist together, which soon got everyone dancing.

I can’t remember the last time I seen so much energy being expended, it was exhausting just to watch them all. 🙂

I wish her all the best in the coming years, she’s a beautiful young woman, and I know she’s got a wonderful life ahead of her.

Event: Emily’s 18th Birthday Party
Location: The Old Church Hall – Corntown
Photography by: Randell John

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