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Apple Shine Through

27 inch iMac

Apple wrote to me a few weeks ago, with the horrible news that my lovely shiny 27 inch iMac, had a dodgy Hard Drive fitted, and that other users had reported sudden and catastrophic failure.

For users like me it’s no problem at all, as all my files and software including my customers photographs are all backed up on an external ‘Raid’ system, and as double insurance all my data is also backed up in ‘The Cloud’, courtesy of ‘Live Drive’.

I use a Mac Book Pro as a back up machine which is fully laden with editing software, so disturbance to my customers is going to be minimal.

The only inconvenience to me was getting my poorly iMac to the Apple store in Cardiff.

Macs are really expensive to buy, and I must admit I had a bit of a mental tussle with myself in justifying spending all that extra cash buying not just one but two machines.

Especially as I could have bought two desktop p.c’s and a laptop for the price of the iMac alone.

It’s only when something goes wrong though that the real value of spending the extra money becomes visible.

Apple’s customer service and after sales warranty care is absolutely amazing.

I made an appointment with the store over the internet, and on my arrival I was met by Ben, who had pulled up the appointment on his iPad before I’d even stepped through the door.

He took the heavy box containing the computer and carried it through the store and escorted me to a seat at the ‘Apple Genius Bar’.

Ben knew who I was, the time I was expected and exactly why I was there, that in itself was a really nice experience, but things were just about to get a whole lot better.

After a short wait, Ben introduced me to Matt the head honcho of the Technical Department.

What Matt didn’t seem to know about a Mac really isn’t worth knowing, within five minutes he’d confirmed the fault with the hard drive, ensured that all data had been securely erased and even found a minor fault with the LCD monitor.

Apple even agreed to replace the monitor free of charge. Amazing customer care considering that my iMac has been out of warranty since November 2011.

As for the hard drive, well, I look at it like this –
We don’t live in a perfect world and machines do break down.
When it comes to computers, then there are only two types of hard drive those that have failed and those that are about to fail.
And as long as your data and applications are backed up properly, a savvy end-user shouldn’t suffer any data loss.

So if you’ve ever been put off from buying an iMac because of the price, don’t be – You’re getting a lot more than a great computer in a shiny aluminium case – It seems Apple really do look after their customers and that is worth the extra cost alone in my opinion.

For those of us in business, I think that we could all learn about the customer experience from Apple. It certainly made an impression on me, and I’ve been re-evaluating my customer care and after-sales service since my visit to Apple on the weekend.

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