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Kirsty and Ben’s Big Day Looms Ever Closer

My daughter Kirsty and her lovely man Ben’s wedding day looms ever closer and my nerves are starting to jangle with all the excitement and anticipation.

Kirsty’s wedding planning is just about finished and the little notebook she’s been carrying around with her for the last few months has eventually been put away.

She should sell that notebook to other couples who are planning on getting married, I reckon it would be invaluable to them. It’s crammed full of ideas for decorations, gifts, table plans and all the thoughtful little things that turn a wonderful day into a celebration that won’t be forgotten by anyone attending. 

Now all the hard work has been done and everything has been finalised, Kirsty seems to have a calm about her today,

I on the other hand am starting to get really nervous.
I really don’t enjoy public speaking, and like many others fathers of the bride before me, am spending more and more time contemplating one of the most important speeches of my life.

I’ve spent hours on the net researching jokes, thinking about amusing anecdotes, rehearsing timings and making bullet point notes, in an attempt to make my speech entertaining short, but heartfelt.

Although I know on the day it will probably all go out of the window and I’ll blub on about how proud I am of Kirsty and how much joy and love we all feel for her Ben and their little boy’s George and Ollie.

I visited them this morning and Kirsty showed me the shoes she’d finally decided on wearing.

As always I had my camera with me, and I couldn’t help grabbing a few shots of them, I just wish that my fatherly duties on the day would allow me to photograph the wedding myself, but she’s in very good hands and I know that the photographer we’ve chosen is going produce some beautiful work for us.

Seeing her shoes also brought home that July isn’t far away and one of the most important days of her life will soon be upon us.

Putting my nerves aside, it’s a day I can’t wait to eventually arrive, I know it will be a wonderful occasion and one I’ll never forget.

I Love you so much Kirsty, and I’m so very proud of you. x

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