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Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe

Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe

Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe

I couldn’t have hoped for better weather or a more wonderful couple for this weekends pre-wedding shoot with Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe.

As usual I’d been watching the weather reports all week, especially as the promised ‘heat wave’ didn’t seem in any hurry to appear.
I’d already made sure that we had enough time to schedule another date for a pre-wedding shoot, if the weather let us down this weekend, but I need not have worried. We were blessed with blue skies and fluffy clouds all afternoon.

I’d arranged to meet Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe, at four p.m and set off from home in South Wales in plenty of time to set up my equipment, and give my self enough time to take a quick walk around the grounds of this fantastic venue.

If you’ve never visited the area, then I can highly recommend it. Castle Coombe is a historic village nestled in the Cotswolds.
It has narrow streets lined with quaint cottages, all topped with olde-world shingle tiles.

As soon as you arrive it has an air familiarity, probably because so many television programmes and films have been made here.

Lauren and Greg are getting married in the Hotel, in October, and although we probably won’t have the wonderful weather we were blessed with this weekend, the sheer splendour and sumptuous decor of the hotel will give us so many photo opportunities. It’s a photographer’s dream venue and I’m really excited and looking forward to their big day.

Lauren and Greg were fantastic to photograph. They’re a really photogenic couple, who are so well humoured and easy to get along with. They listened intently to my direction, and I explained why being posed for photographs is so important.
My intention on pre-wedding shoots, isn’t to turn anyone into a professional model, but to simply guide my clients through some of the simple changes we can all make to improve how we look in a photograph.
Little things like weight distribution, and positioning the hands and head correctly can turn a nice photograph into an image worth printing and hanging on the wall.

I also got the chance to use my new Godox AD600B strobe again. This powerful and reliable flash, has got more than enough power to overpower direct sunlight and gave me the ability to shoot Lauren and Greg with very high shutter speeds, whilst maintaining a very shallow depth of field.
The Neutral Density Filters, I’ve had to carry in my camera bag are now pretty much redundant items, and the Godox 600W/s flash allows me to work much more quickly and easily create an almost three-dimensional quality in my photographs with relative ease.
I’m very impressed with this strobe.

I still haven’t finished editing all the images from the shoot with Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe, but should be finished by this afternoon, when I’ll be e-mailing Lauren and Greg with their Smugmug, password protected on-line gallery.
I hope I’ll give them a tough job of choosing one of the images for their ‘Signature Mounted Print’.

These mounted prints are always really popular with my clients, and their guests love being able to pass on a personalised message to the happy couple, knowing that it will be a treasured display in their new home.
This service is part of my higher end Wedding Collections, but I’m alway happy to include as a reasonably priced addition to any of my Smaller Wedding Packages.

Did I mention that – I’m really looking forward to photographing Lauren and Greg at Manor House, Castle Coombe come their wedding day in October?

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