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January 2018
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The Lowdown on Speedlites

I was over the moon to be invited to teach another course for local photographers in Bridgend this evening, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone from Bridgend Photographers Facebook group very soon.

This is the third course I’ll have run for them and there seems to be a real hard-core of photographers in the area keen to improve their knowledge and skills.
The first course ran at the beginning of the summer and I spent a few hours teaching the attendees how to cope, when forced to shoot in full sun.

Elderly man, wearing a rain jacket, green leafy background Alan Stokes – Alan’s attended both previous courses and was quick to get his name down for the Speedlite course in September.

As a wedding photographer it’s something I’ve had to deal with very often, and it can be difficult to get pleasing results when lighting conditions aren’t at their best.

The annoying thing was on the actual day of the course, we had a wonderful overcast sky that produced some very even lighting, so a little bit of imagination was required from everyone.
In all it was a great day, and I know everyone walked away with some new skills, and I’ve seen some real improvements in their photographs over the summer months.

The second course ran in July, and was organised by Rob Jones Photography in Porthcawl. Rob booked a large room in the YMCA in John Street, and I taught a full day on studio portrait lighting.
It was an interesting subject to teach, and very challenging as there was a very diverse range of experience amongst the attendees.

The first part of the course covered the maths and physics behind lighting, and I think everyone was more than a little relieved when we actually switched on the strobes and started shooting.
We covered a lot of ground during the day, and demonstrated how to create various classical lighting patterns and how to control light using different modifiers.
By the end of the day the attendees were getting some great results and really enjoyed the session on ‘Hollywood Lighting’, using honeycomb grids to create a spotlight effect.

Black and White image of young man taken by Randell John Photography Rob Jones – Rob has been a really huge help in running the previous courses. Rob is actively involved with Porthcawl’s YMCA and managed to book the room we used for the days course at a very reasonable rate.

The course cost £25 for the day and all proceeds were donated to Ty-Hafan Children’s Hospital. A donation of over £300 was made in total, which in itself made it all very worth while.
Everyone asked if I’d run some more courses in the future, and this evening I started making the arrangement for our next course ‘The Lowdown on Speedlites’.

The next course will be taking place on the 6th of September at Bryngarw Country Park, starting at 1.00p.m and ending at 6.00p.m
I’ve got to arrange a wet weather venue, but hopefully the Summer weather will hold for us and we’ll have a great day in the fresh air.

I haven’t finalised the syllabus for the day yet, but going on past experience, I know it’s going to have to be pretty comprehensive, starting with the basics of lighting and moving on to gelling for effects and indoor lighting, bounce, direct, and off-camera flash.

As of this evening places are filling up very quickly and there were only three places left as I’m limiting the course to ten people.
If you’re interested in joining us on the 6th of September, send me an e-mail as soon as you read this, you may be lucky and be able to get your name down.

If you’re interested in attending any future courses then please let me know, and I’ll keep you informed. They’re really enjoyable, packed with information, and it would be great to meet you.

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