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Meet The Sloth’s – Monday Movie Club

This weeks ‘Monday Movie Club’, is a double whammy, a special request by Hayley in ‘The Pheasant’, Pen-Y-Fai.

She’s a hard-working lass, who keeps all the customers happy and watered at my local. I was chatting with her Saturday night after watching Wales lift the RBS Six Nations Trophy and The Grand Slam, and for some peculiar reason the conversation turned to wildlife and film making.

I mentioned the ‘Slothville’ video’s that have gone viral over the past few months and Hayley admitted she’d never seen a Sloth and hadn’t even heard of the animal.

I told her all about these really cute animals and the work being done by ‘Aviaros Sloth Sanctuary’ in Costa Rica, and said I’d dedicate this weeks Monday Movie Club’, to these fantastic and strange creatures.

They just look so odd, it’s amazing to think of all the diversity in the animal kingdom, but the individuality of the sloth is something to be seen, they are all such unique characters.

I’ve never been to Costa Rica, and only sailed past on my way from Jamaica to Cozumel in the Yukon Peninsular, but looking at the land mass from the ship, it reminded me of ‘The Land That Time Forgot’.

The West side of the country faces the Pacific Ocean, but the East side, hosts sheer cliffs many hundred’s of feet high, with spectacular waterfalls emptying into the Caribbean Ocean, an amazing sight – I really want to visit this country.

Above the waterfalls, the land is spread out on a gigantic plateau, packed with massive jungle plants and trees.

The roar of a dinosaur and Pterosaurs, swooping overhead wouldn’t have seemed out-of-place, and for this reason, it was chosen for some of the film sequences in Spielbergs ‘Jurrasic Park (1993).

It was an awe inspiring view, a magical land, full of magical creatures, and the sloth fits in just perfectly.

Hope you enjoy the videos Hayley, I’m sure you’ll be a huge fan of sloth’s after watching, just like me.

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