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December 2017
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I see, I feel, I share – Monday Movie Club

It takes a sensitive soul to see real beauty, not just in a face or the perfect line of a young breast or slender leg, but beauty in everything.
The eye of a fly, the dewy gloss in the slime on a toads back or the dust on the wings of a moth.

Artists have alway’s tried to emulate beauty and immortalise it in their paintings, sculptures and more recently photography.

Some artists are inspired to create avant garde or impressionist works suggested by nature, but, no one has yet managed to achieve the impossible goal – That of being the true creator of the world, the universe and all that it holds.

After all artists are not gods. –
(Even though some would have us believe otherwise)

Then why try, why bother? – When as mere purgers’ of the universe do painters and photographers, travel thousands of miles, through frozen arctic deserts, dense jungles and even climb precarious mountain peaks, to take a photograph or sketch a rocky landscape, when they know they’ll never be able to truly re-create on canvas or paper, what their eyes have seen and their souls have felt.

It’s because they are what they are – sensitive, creative souls, fascinated by the world around them, a place which is in the true sense of the word – Awesome.

It is this that drives them, not fame or fortune, but a desire to share and show others the beauty that they see and feel all around, in the hope that more will feel the same as they, and one day – hopefully, that every soul will love what they love, and see the world as a place of absolute beauty.

A place to be worshipped, cared for and nurtured.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks ‘Monday Movie Club’. I did. x

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