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Rainy Days in Bridgend and Macro Photography

The weather has been absolutely foul in Bridgend today, with gusting winds and heavy downpours of rain. Not the sort of conditions I enjoy, and I didn’t fancy venturing very far to photograph anything today really.

So as to not waste the day, I decided I’d take some photograph’s of a couple of my grandsons toy cars, with the intention of having them printed as posters for his bedroom wall. He’s two and a half and loves everything with wheels.

I had recently read an article by David Hobby about doing the very same thing with a couple of ‘Speedlites’, but meaning that I have a small studio, it was easier to use my studio heads and a large softbox fitted with a grid to get the effect I was after.

The secret to achieving the soft even lighting in these shots is to get the light as close as possible to the subject from above.

The base is just a shiny piece of plastic floor tile I had lying around in the garage.

I added the headlights effect in Lightroom 3 with the adjustment brush and just pushed the exposure and brightness sliders to their maximum, and then repeated this process until I achieved the brightness I wanted. I then added a ‘Gaussian Blur’ in Photoshop to complete the effect.

Ollie’s Beaten Up Toy Camaro

The Camero has seen better days though and has had a fair amount of bashing around. Perhaps I’ll carry out a digital re-spray on the next rainy day we get in Wales. I don’t think that will be far away.

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