Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend
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Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend

Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend

Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend

I must apologise for not posting the photographs from Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend, last week.

I’ve been unusually busy for this time of year, and just haven’t had any time free to write a post.
It was a real pleasure to photograph the veterans and spectators at this years ceremony at the cenotaph.
The parade formed up as usual in Angel Street at 10:30a.m and with military precision, and was led by The Swansea Drum and Pipe Band, over the Ogmore River, into Bridgend town centre.


I’ve photographed the parade for several years now, and each year it always leaves me a little sad when I notice the dwindling numbers of our older veterans, but I’m always happy to see old faces and meet up with some of my friends from the forces.
Aaron Honeyfield was in attendance again this year, and was accompanied by his lovely family, and I was pleased that I managed to get his photograph in last weeks edition of The Gem Newspaper, along with twenty other images I took at the ceremony.

Rememberance Sunday in Bridgend, family at the cenotaph i Bridgend My old RAF mate Aaron H Honeyfield pictured with his lovely family.

If you’d like to buy a print of your photograph that appeared in The Gem Newspaper, then please visit my on-line gallery Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend 2015 and add your image to the shopping cart. Photo sizes can be tailored to your requirements, and will delivered directly to your home address.

Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend is actually turning into a bit of a social event, and once the more sombre aspects of the day are over, I enjoy going over to the ‘United Services Club’ and having a pint and a chat with a few lads I know from school who joined the forces at the same time as me.
I actually made a bit of an effort this year and joined the club, so I’m waiting for my orders to be summoned before the committee for an interview.
As long as they don’t ask me to roll up my left trouser leg or wear an apron, I think it will be fine. I’m not normally one for joining clubs, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

This must have been the fifth or sixth year in succession that I’ve photographed Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend (2014), and I found it a little more difficult to get a great view-point this year, as The Rhiw Multi Storey Car Park is in the process of being torn down to make way for a new development.
The top deck of the old car park made for a great viewing platform to watch the massed veterans march across the bridge on their way to the cenotaph.
I’ll have to do some scouting and find another high perch for next years Armed Forces Day Parade (2013).
I think an upstairs room in The Wyndham Hotel may be suitable. Of course having a bar downstairs will be a distinct advantage.
If you didn’t manage to make the parade this year, I hope this post finds you fit and well and hopefully I’ll see some of you older vets at next years Remembrance Sunday in Bridgend or on Armed Forces Day.


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