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Way Back Home – Monday Movie Club


Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home from mtb-blog.nl on Vimeo.

I was watching a couple of stunt cyclists practising on the harbour walls in Porthcawl last summer and got some great shots of them. I must have been with them about an hour and had never seen anything quite like it. The heights that they were capable of jumping from was amazing. They thought nothing of cycling off the edge of upper harbour wall to the pier below, which is probably around 15 feet. How they didn’t wreck theirselves’ I just don’t know.

I’ve photographed trial riders in Bridgend since then and had a great time with them. Their athleticism and courage is breathtaking to watch, and my heart was in my mouth on more than one occasion. I think they’ve all had their ‘Fear Chip’, removed.

Anyway I found this video on Vimeo this evening and follows the journey of Red Bull stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill on a journey from Edinburgh to his home on The Isle of Skye. It was filmed by Dave Sowerby using a Canon 5D MkII, a 7D and a Sony Video Camera. Watch out for the clip of him jumping over a telephone box. The guys crazy. Hope you enjoy.

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