Sam and Dillon's Wedding - Hotel Chocolate - St Lucia, West Indies -
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Sam and Dillon’s Wedding – Hotel Chocolate – St Lucia, West Indies

Debbie and I have just returned from a magical week on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia where we had the pleasure of photographing Sam and Dillon’s wedding.

Hotel Chocolate‘ was their chosen venue and after four days on the island, and all the legalities taken care of, the wedding took place on Wednesday May 22nd 2013.

The island is one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited, with massive mountains, an enormous rainforest and spectacular views everywhere we looked, with the famous Piton’s being visible from the infinity pool and Boucan Restaurant – It’s simply breathtaking. 

All the staff and management at Hotel Chocolate were absolutely fantastic, and I can’t thank them enough for all the effort they made in making the week such a success.
Special thanks to Judy Buckley and Lorna, who were so friendly, and went out of their way to make sure every thing run smoothly during our visit.

The whole experience of staying at the hotel is not one we’ll forget for a very long time.

Both Sam and Dillon have very strong Welsh roots, and so the chosen theme for the wedding was ‘Wales’.

The bride and groom wore fantastic outfits with Dillon attired in traditional Welsh Kilt sporting the ‘Thomas Tartan’, and Sam wore a magnificent ‘Clogyn’ (Welsh Cloak) in the evening which made for some really original photographs.

They both looked wonderful and got a lot of admiring looks from the American guests at the hotel, who were fascinated by the history of the Welsh Tartan.

The wedding ceremony was held on the veranda of a beautiful colonial homestead, on one of the highest peaks on the whole island, all accompanied by a very talented string duet, from the St Lucia music academy. (A special thank you to Pearl, Yanek and Ambrose for turning up in the rain and playing so beautifully – You’re true professionals)

The house has direct views of Petit Piton and it’s bigger sister Gros Piton, and although visibility wasn’t very good on the day, we still managed a few shots after the ceremony with the Pitons as a backdrop.

The reception was something special, and held on the terrace below the Boucan Restaurant next to the pool. The dinner was lit with nothing more than the lights from the bar and old fashioned kerosene lamps, it made for a very romantic and atmospheric evening.

The food was magnifique, and I was treated to one of the tastiest Rib Eye Steaks I have ever eaten, all served with a special Boucan Chocolat sauce of course – Delicious.

St Lucia is very close to The Equator, and sunset and sundown happen in the blink of an eye, but as soon as the sun sinks into the ocean, we were treated every night with the most wonderful sounds emanating from the rainforest.

The Cicadas and Tree Frogs are deafening, (The French word Boucan, literally translates to ‘Noisy’), and looking down from the hotels balconies into the rainforest, you can see bats flying around the tree tops, and tiny lights from the glow bugs light up the forest canopy – It really is an amazing place.

I could write for hours about the week we spent with Sam and Dillon, but all that remains here is to thank them both for a wonderful week, it was an experience that Debbie and I will never forget.

We’d like to wish you both a very long and happy life together. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.

Thomas Welsh Tartan wedding kilt, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia, West Indies

Brides Shoes, Rabot Estate, St Lucia

Bridal Gown, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Red Bridesmaids Dress with Roses

Groom sitting at bar in Boucan Restaurant, Hotel Chocolat

Groom in Tartan Kilt, St Lucia, Hotel Chocolat

Bride in Car, Hotel Chocolat

St Lucia

Bride St Lucia, Rabot Estate

Rabot Estate Homestead - St Lucia

Little Boy Looking into Jungle Canopy

Bride and Groom with St Lucia's Petit Piton as Backdrop

Weddings at Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia, West Indies

Bride and Groom, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Bride and Groom, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Boucan Restaurant, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Bride in a Welsh Cloak in St Lucia

Wedding at Hotel Chocolat St Lucia

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